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Industry: Health & Wellness
Sensorium Neuro Wellness is a specialized wellness center focusing on neurofeedback and brain health. They provide functional neuro assessments and personalized neuro programs aimed at addressing the root causes of various neurological and psychological conditions.
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1046% Increased Leads

When we started working with "Sensorium Neuro Wellness" we quickly found ways to make their work easier and cheaper by using automation. This meant less manual work and lower costs for the company.

After completing the website and landing pages, we launched paid ads, resulting in a 1046% increase in leads at a cost 6 times lower than industry market standards.

Cameron Allen - CEO

Founder of Sensorium Neuro Wellness
"Daniel's team created effective funnels that has increased our traffic flow. They are knowledgable about the foundations that are needed to optimize performance and are very collaborative and responsive."

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Page optimization

Increased conversion rates by 37%  with 569,384 monthly visitors.

Page optimization

Our landing page increased conversion rate with 80%.

Full Funnel Pack

Digital software strategy created, ready to be launched.

Full Funnel Pack

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Saved 172% more time by using our automations.

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Modern landing showcasing the company's capabilities.

Landing page

Landing page showcasing the company's unique work.

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