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Industry: Software company
TimelinesAI integrates messaging apps like WhatsApp into one platform, making team communication and customer interactions more efficient. It offers automation, chat management, and analytics to improve productivity and service.
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37% Increased Leads

Timelines is an AI powerhouse growing incredibly fast. While they was getting traffic to its site, their sales team saw poor conversion rates and dropping revenue.

That’s when they turned to BBF to optimize their top funnel, making sure that more of their website visitors turned into paying clients.

The results? Month-on-month revenue growth and a long-term partnership. They still work with us to this day!

Anton - Cmo

Founder of Børn og Unges Trivsel 
"While we have a lot on our plate, we are pleased with how efficient BBF was and with the new results achieved."

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Saved 172% more time by using our automations.

Full Funnel Pack

Increased amount of leads with 1046%.

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Our landing page increased conversion rate with 80%.

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Modern landing showcasing the company's capabilities.

Landing page

Landing page showcasing the company's unique work.

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