The Sales Funnel Explained

What is a Sales Funnel and Why is It Important?

How We Make Your Business Attract The Right Customers (Without you lifting a finger).
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What is a funnel?
A sales funnel (also called a marketing funnel) guides your ideal clients directly from first brand interaction to your checkout page to book, pay, or schedule.
They come in many different variations (Here is a basic example):
The key stages of a funnel

The awareness stage

This is where your potiential clients is discovering your brand. This stage often involves ads or blogs posts.

The interest stage

Also known as the evaluation stage. This where you have to tell about your product and service + why it's important. This part of takes place on your landing-/funnel page.

The Desicion stage

This stage can involve many different steps. A longer email nurturing process, discovery calls etc. (This varies depending on your ideal client, indsutry & desired outcome.)
Why is it important:
It's the customer journey, which brings you in as steady flow of customers. It saves you time & money to have a tailored framework to aquire customers.
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