How To Build A Clinic Funnel That Generates 300+ Qualified Leads In One Month.

A step-by-step breakdown on how to build a high-profit funnel for a clinic in NC.
Results in June 2024:
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Case Study:

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Key metrics from this case

$0.58 cost per result.

That's 4x less than the avg. meta advertiser.

6% Conversion rate

That's more than 2x better than the avg. website.

14x ROI

The ad budget was $3000, but the ROI was $40,350
Top funnel breakdown
The planning stage, the client avatar, the ad copy, the ads and the ad budget.
Step 1: The planning stage/client avatar (Most important stage)
In order to run a successful funnel - You need to know who you are selling to. And no! The description: "Women between the age 30-55" is not enough to create a great funnel.
You have to design a very detailed client avatar,describes their interests, daily life, detailed demographics, and their problems and struggles. This is the most important step of the entire funnel, as it determines the rest of the procedure.
You have to speak directly to someone!
Learn how to build your first client avatar.
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Step 2: The ad copy & the hook!
Now we know who we are selling to! But how do we get Clara’s attention? This is where the ad copy plays a crucial role. I always conduct split testing of my ad copies: one that addresses their pain points and another that addresses their dream outcome.
My questions for Clara:
• Is your health holding you back from enjoying your life to the fullest?
•Are the symptoms from your surgery preventing you from thriving in life?
The whole purpose of the question is speaking directly to their wants and needs. By doing this you hook their attention as we understand their life situation.
Step 3: The ad & a/b testing
The ad had a fairly basic setup; it was just a static ad. However, when you know your audience, the messaging outshines everything else. If the messaging speaks directly to someone, you will always get their attention.
Step 4: The budget (The nessecary part)
Great ads, bad ads, or boring ads – no matter the type, they all need funding. The sad truth is that even though user engagement (likes, comments, and shares) can determine the reach of your ads, the budget will always play a crucial role in how many people see them.
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MID funnel breakdown
The Landing page
Step 5: The Landing page/funnel (Where the winners are made.)
94.1% of the billion websites out there never convert a customer. Therefore, your landing page is crucial—it can make or break your success.
So how do you create a great landing page?
Let's start with the fundementals. The most important is again - "Speak directly to someone." If you don't have a detailed client avatar then you don't appeal to anybody.
(How to build your first client avatar...)
Next step is to have clear call-to-action (CTA). You have to tell them what to do and why they should click on your CTA. Confused customers don't buy.
Next up: Psycology. Psycology is a important part of making a sale or getting a quality lead.
Ask yourself this question: "What could I offer of free value, which could actually help out my potiential clients?"
Even if you don't make the sale - you still get positive interaction with a potiential client and that's great!
The last step is ‘the value offer.’ This offer includes providing value that can genuinely improve your client avatar’s life. It’s a way to showcase your belief in what you are offering and to persuade your client avatar to initiate first contact.
Bottom funnel breakdown
The follow up and closing stage
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