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Bottom funnel breakdown
The follow up and closing stage
Once you have initiated the first contact with a lead, there is two options. Either they became a customer or they didn't!
Luckily, because of your funnel building you don't have to worry about if they didn't! Most people don't buy right away!
Now it's important that you take advantage of the first contact! This where your automations come in to play.
Email sequence: Keep telling people about your product or service
There can be a lot of reasons why they didn't buy the first time. Therefore, it's important that you tell the one's that got away, why that was a mistake! (And likely, that's actually the case, because you offer a great service).
Some of the email sequences we usually take advantage of:
• Case studies - Show how you improved other people's life.
• Give a discount (if you can afford it) - Some people would just like to save a bit of money.
• Reminder on pay day - Some clients doesn't want to make investments before pay day.
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Segmentation: Categorize your leads
When aquire new leads and potiential customers. It's important to categorize them as much as possible, so you can personalize the content as much as possible.
Some of the ways to segment your potential clients:
• Which service they need.
• In which stage of the sales process they are.
• Their location.
• Where they heard about you.
• Their budget.
• What they are dealing with in their life.

And much much more.. The important thing is just to make their experience as personalized as possible to create a connection.
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